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Health Regulations


Are you planning to operate a Mobile Cart? Then this information is important when choice which Coffee or Food Cart is best for you !

As you will no doubt be selling Coffee or Food, you are required to meet certain requirements by law. The laws regarding the operation of your Mobile Cart are governed by the state or territory government and by the local municipal council under which you wish to operate your Coffee or Food Cart. This is particularly important if you plan to operate your business as a mobile business and move around. It could be as simple as one side of a road being controlled by one council and the other side by another. The council rules may therefore differ and it is your responsibility to ensure compliance with these regulations.

To assist state and territory governments and local municipal councils regulate health standards, the Australia and New Zealand governments has established a bi-national government agency. This is called Food Standards Australia New Zealand and their website can be found at


The most applicable aspect of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code is Chapter 3 pertaining to Food Safety Standards (Australia Only). Some state and territory governments are still implementing various aspects of the code and therefore it is important to check what is applicable to your business. The intention of this national standards code is to make the requirements for Mobile Carts uniform and save operators the need to seek health regulation approval from each local municipality they wish to operate in.

The City of Melbourne in Victoria has one of the most stringent health regulations current in force. It is these regulations by which the national standards code was developed. The health regulations cover aspects of a Mobile Carts operation including:

  • Adequate refrigeration for certain products eg: milk

  • Two sinks - one for washing hands with hot water at approximately 40 degrees and one for utensils with hot water at approximately 70 degrees.

  • All sinks are to be at least 200mm diameter and depth to be at least 100mm so hands can be completely immersed, also jugs must also be able to be completely immersed for washing

  • The operation of the sinks must be hands-free eg: foot controls or sensor operated

  • Hot water service must have full power supplied to it at all times to enable hot water to be available when required

  • Hand towels and soap for staff

  • Waste water to be in a separate compartment from fresh water for espresso machine to stop cross contamination (someone putting the wrong hose in the individual bottles)

  • Impervious surfaces for bench-tops and cupboard inserts

This information is important when choice of which coffee cart is best for you. The code is amended regularly so it should be checked regularly to review the latest requirements.

The short list above contains just some of the many health regulations required by municipal councils. It should not be regarded as official requirements as they vary from municipality to municipality but however aims to give an insight into the types of requirements that exist.

When operating on the footpath, at a station, at a fete, in a courtyard, ie: in a public place, you will be required to gain a permit from the municipal council. It is at this time that your Mobile Cart must meet their health regulations and the operation of the Mobile Cart must also meet other requirements the council may have.

When operating within a private premises, ie: the foyer of an office complex, it is still necessary to meet certain requirements of the local council. The reason for this is that you are operating in a public area where the council is responsible, and as you are conducting a food and beverage business and selling to the public.

It is best to consult your local municipal council when completing a business plan to operate a Mobile Cart as to ascertain what requirements must be met. It makes it difficult when you get a Coffee or Food Cart and then find that it doesn't meet the health regulations for where you want to operate it.

All Food and Coffee Carts designed and manufactured by Coffee Carts of Melbourne are done so in accordance with the  Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

We recommend that if considering a Coffee or Food Cart that you ensure that it meets the current most stringent health regulations so that if checked you'll not be required to outlay more money to have the Cart altered. That is if it is even possible to alter.



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