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Business Opportunities


Are you planning to operate a Coffee Cart ? Then this information is for you.

Coffee Carts of Melbourne can show you how to maximise the potential of a Coffee Cart and how to prevent mistakes that may cost you hundreds of dollars or even threaten the existence your business!

As with any other business, the choice of location in placing your Coffee Cart will be the single-most important factor for the success of your Coffee Cart business. You can have the best looking Cart in the world and serve the best tasting coffee but if your prospective customers cannot see you or get to you easily then you won't do any business.

Coffee Cart Business Sense

  • Your Coffee Cart "Business Success", or lack of it, will depend mostly on cart location, not on the brand of the cart, the espresso equipment, or coffee that you may be using;

  • Before you invest any money in any cart or equipment, you should secure the location where to put it; otherwise like many people who go into business without doing their homework you may be serving cappuccinos to your neighbours from your garage;

  • Once your location is secured, you should do everything possible within your means to maximise its potential, that is, to sell the most number of drinks in order to derive the most profit from the location. After all, we assume that you are in the business of making money, aren't you?

  • Some Coffee Carts seem to do everything possible in order not to sell too many coffees. They have "too extensive" menus which don't make sense to potentially new customers; they have no idea how to prepare promptly and correctly for better taste; their prices are sky-high and they surround the Coffee Cart with too many choices making customer decisions difficult.

  • Understand your customers. Are they going to be sitting down nearby and drinking their coffee or are they on the move and in a hurry. If you can understand their needs, you can target your Coffee Cart to ensure those needs are best met.

What are the best opportunities and locations for Coffee Carts?

Store owners all over the country may have excellent opportunities to increase their morning business by placing Coffee Carts outside their entrance (you must get permits from the local health department and local councils). We have seen Coffee Carts inside hardware stores, supermarkets, book stores, outside in malls, in amusement parks, airports, lobby's of large office buildings, hospitals, schools and universities, departments stores, etc, etc, etc.

Of course being the owner of a business and placing a Coffee Cart there makes it much easier than for someone looking for a Coffee Cart location in somebody's else's business. If you are the owner of a business and you place a cart on your property, you are not going to evict yourself out should you make your Coffee Cart business a success! Unfortunately, unless a cart location has a long-term lease, which is unlikely, that is what may happen in many instances. The moment your cart starts making real money, you will be asked to leave and the next thing you know the partner or some other relative of the owner/property manager has his/her Coffee Cart in your position - benefiting from the customer base you have created.

So, before you invest anywhere from $20,000 upwards for a Coffee Cart, make sure you have a good and secure location! What is the best location for a Coffee Cart - the foyer of a large office building would be our first choice. The administrator is not concerned about the rent the complex may derive from your Coffee Cart, but they want to make their environment more attractive to the office staff and visitors, and if you do a good job they are not going to ask you to leave. There are countless examples of Office based Coffee Carts making excellent sales ($750.00 a day and sometimes up to $1,500.00 per day).

For example: If you sell 200 cups ($400-$500 depending on the price you set) and you work the Coffee Cart yourself, you probably will be able to put in your pocket around $200-$300 a day.

Where do you start?

  • Find a prospective location, talk to the owner/manager, check with the health department for local regulations. If everything checks out, contact us to further discuss your location, equipment, needs, product, etc. There is no charge or obligation for this service.

  • We only sell Carts and Equipment. However we will be able to assist you with your total business concept.

  • Depending on your circumstances, you may lease the cart and equipment depending on the type and size of your business project.

  • Once you have your location and Coffee Cart, to maximise your chances of success, you should learn all about coffee making. That is where we come in. As part of our product and service we will teach you how to start your business, advise you on the best products to use in your location, train you and all your employees in all phases of the business, including on how to prepare coffee for better taste.



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